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Village Boy to the Billionaire

Jitender Kumar Singla, chairman of JK group of companies hails from a business community in Haryana, India. Blessed with exceptional intelligence, he brought glory to his family at an early age, when he topped his Class X State board examinations. Without any mentorship or guidance, he went on to become a computer Engineer, the only person from his village to have gone abroad for higher studies.

​However, being a business family scion, entrepreneurship was in his genes and he set up his own business venture in Russia (erstwhile USSR). He dabbled in goods and services trading early on and established the biggest travel agency at the time that promoted India as a desired travel destination for the Russians. The idea quickly gained popularity with the Russian tourist and soon he had a thriving set up. It was his business acumen that enabled Mr. Singla to identify this niche market when few others had ventured there. It was here that he made his first million. Thereafter, his empire grew exponentially, as he gained a strong foothold in the then-booming market of Russian Real Estate. 

Today, with Singla at its helm the JK Group of Companies is a conglomerate that has diversified to include a multitude of fields such as Real Estate in India UAE, Education, Alcohol import, Car rentals, retail sector to name just a few. Mr. JitenderKumarSingla is also an angel investor offering financial help to promising startups internationally.

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Professional Portfolio

Director    -    Homex Developers and Builders
2013   -   2018

Real Estate Company, dealing in construction and renting.Company Dealing in sales, Purchases and renting of real estate. Company renovating old buildings and apartments. Company taking permission from different departments to develop new construction sites. The company specialized in interior exterior design or apartments and farmhouses.

General Manager   -   Synergy Properties 
2021   -   Till Date

Real Estate Company, Managing sales and purchasing of apartments in Dubai.

Founder  -  AutoX Super Trading L.L.C. UAE
March 2022  -  Till Date

Managing all the activities in the company, used spare parts trading.

General Manager    -    JK Group of Companies Fujairah, UAE 
2018   -   2021

Surveying business opportunities in UAE in Real Estate, Tours, Travels and Trading. 

Completing the formalities, Licensing setting up an office, HR.

Founder   -   AutoX Preloved Car Rental, UAE
November 2021   -   Till Date

Managing all the activities in the company, car purchase and rental car.

Founder   -  Shark TanX (An Investment Body)
April 2022   -  Till Date

Founder of Investment management company for Start-up

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